This is me.

Dragan Kovacevic

Moving Products Forward

I am a Software Development professional with years of experience in consulting for international clients. I have hired, developed and managed cross-functional teams in order to deliver awesome software products on various platforms.

Writing good code is easy and fun. What is challenging is running the business right and handling everyone's expectations. Thats where my skillset steps in, as I provide consulting for:

1. Business Analysis – I can help you understand your business needs in order to turn them into neat requirements and documentation. I can also model your API and database.

2. Agile Project Management – Stepping into Scrum Master or Project Manager role, I can nurture Agile mindset within any team and ensure that the process is optimized and adhered to.

3. Interaction Design – Intuitive and clean design is a prequisite for building any successful product. I love creating optimal information architecture and designing both low and high fidelity wireframes.